Urban Exploring Gallery

  • Power Station

    Abandoned power station, California

  • Shelved

    Storage in an abandoned power station, California

  • Ram

    Pipes in an abandoned power station, Belgium

  • Pipe Organ

    Pipes in an abandoned power station, Belgium

  • The Desk

    Desk found in an abandoned steel manufacturing plant, Belgium

  • Waiting

    Abandoned train station, California

  • Down the hall

    Abandoned military stockade, California

  • Emerald Room

    Abandoned projectionist room, California

  • The Fort

    Abandoned fort protecting the city of Antwerpen, Belgium

  • Downward

    Old staircase in an abandoned administration building in San Francisco, California

  • Airflow

    Looking down an airshaft in San Francisco, California

  • Bleeding light

    Abandoned spa resort, California

  • Full Moon Ranch

    Full moon illuminates an abandoned house in the Mojave Desert, California

  • Iron Envelope

    Mojave Desert, California

  • Tire Muncher

    Along Route 66, California

  • Beauty Queen

    Rusty sign, California